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    Quality Painting Work With Experience & Dedication provides reliable & professional painting services for HDBs, condos, and landed houses. Our excellent workmanship comes from our experience painting over 1,800 homes in Singapore.

    Painting blue into wall

    Our work includes the following:

    Our team of professional painting contractor is trained, and we believe in providing excellent and quality painting services. We are able to advise you the colours and the type of paint that’s suitable for your family

    HDB Painting Services

    Bring New Colours to Your HDB Home!

    Condo Painting Services

    Give your home a fresh new paint!

    How It Works


    On-Site Viewing

    Our contractor will visit your home and do a quick inspection.


    Set Painting Date

    Choose dates that both the owner and contractor are available


    Choose Paint

    Owner will choose the type and colour of the paint you prefer.


    Commencing Day

    Shift and protect furniture and floor



    Reinstating of furniture after painting


    Handing Over

    Contractor will hand over to owner the completed painting work.

    Why Choose Us


    Here are the main reasons why you should choose us!



    Shift, protect & safeguard your furniture.


    Experienced Painters

    With five years of experienced painting homes in Singapore.



    Our reliable house painting services are our reputation

    HDB Painting Services Price List

    Type of HDBs No of Colour(s) "Standard Paint" Price "Premium Paint" Price Completion
    1 bedroom only 1 $450. (With Oil Sealer: $100) $550. (With Oil Sealer: $100) 1 Day
    2 room HDB 1 $800 - $900. (With Oil Sealer: Additional $250) $950 - $1100. (With Oil Sealer: Additional $250) 1 or 2 Days
    3 room HDB Up to 2 $1000 - $1100. (With Oil Sealer: Additional $350) $1100 - $1250. (With Oil Sealer: Additional $350) 2 Days
    4 room HDB Up to 3 $1,250 - $1350. (With Oil Sealer: Additional $400) $1,350 - $1600. (With Oil Sealer: Additional $400) 3 Days
    5 room HDB Up to 3 $1400 - $1600. (With Oil Sealer: Additional $500) $1600 - $1800. (With Oil Sealer: Additional $500) 3 - 4 Days
    HDB Executive Apartment Up to 3 $1550 - $1750 (With Oil Sealer: Additional $550 ) $1800 - $2200 (With Oil Sealer: Additional $550 ) 3 – 4 Days
    HDB Maisonette Apartment Up to 4 >$2200. (With Oil Sealer: Additional $700 ) >$2400. (With Oil Sealer: Additional $700 ) 4 – 5 Days

    Condo Painting Services Price List

    Condo Size in Sq Feet No of Colour(s) Price Completion Oil Sealer for wall & ceiling
    < 500 SqFt 1 $850 1 - 2 Days $250
    501 - 900 SqFt Up to 2 $1100 2 - 3 Days $350
    901 - 1100 SqFt Up to 3 $1350 2 - 3 Days $400
    1101 - 1300 SqFt Up to 3 $1450 3 - 4 Days $500
    1301 - 1400 SqFt Up to 3 $1550 - $1750 3 - 4 Days $550
    1401 - 1600 SqFt Up to 4 >$2000 4 – 5 Days $700

    have questions ?

    We listed some FAQs that our past clients asked before, and hopefully will help answer your questions.

    Yes, we do paint 1 room for HDB or condo.

    Do send us few photos of your room and state the brand, type of paint and colour of your choice.

    There are lots of different paint brands in Singapore. But we prefer to use Nippon Paint.

    Sorry, we DO NOT provide man power service only.

    Because, most home owners do not know how much paint to purchase, and thus delay the painting process.

    It will result in labour cost loss.

    Yes, we do help to cover up drilled holes.

    Do let us know how many and where are they located in your home.

    Do contact us to find out as it’s due to supply and demand factor. 

    Yes! We do provide free site visit to view your area that needs painting. But a can of drink is always welcome!

    We select professional painters who have at least 5 years experienced in painting into our team.

    Even when we have newer painters, they are attached to the experienced reliable painters before they can lead the painting.

    Yes, we do!

    In fact our painters are trained to use the ropes and harnesses to help in painting the exterior wall. We do use the traditional method like the scaffolding. 

    Yes, besides the usual HDB and condo homes. We do paint on landed property painting, exterior of the HDB building and condo buildings.

    We also paint on the following’s exterior and interior painting services;

    1. industrial building
    2. commercial building
    3. government related body building

    Yes, you could choose Nippon anti mould ceiling paint!

    Do note that it only comes in white and as anti mould paint will cost more too.

    Do let us know your preference.


    Differen colours of paint on wall

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