6 Reliable Anti-Mould Paint to Use for Your Singapore Home (Updated 2024)

Finding signs of fuzzy or slimy mould growing in your home can be disturbing and a potential health hazard. It grows in damp and moist conditions, thriving in humid climates such as that found in Singapore.

Mould growth is more prevalent in homes nearer to the ground or in low lying areas close to a reservoir or the beach. This microscopic fungus is also more likely to be found in older houses, growing in places like cupboards, basements and bathrooms.

Solutions such as anti mould paint can help to control higher concentrations of this fungus in your home. Read on to find out more about creating a mould-free home in Singapore.

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List of Anti-Mould Paint Currently in Singapore

1. Nippon Paint Odour-Less Anti Mould Ceiling White

This environmentally-friendly, non-toxic anti mould ceiling paint has a matt finish and is odour-less. It covers an area of 9 – 10 m²/L with easy application for even flow and minor surface imperfections. You don’t have to stress about roller splatters either! Two coats are recommended with a drying time of two hours.

2. Nippon Vinilex 5170 Wall Sealer

A solvent-based wall sealer, this paint includes anti-fungal and algae-resistance properties. It adheres well on masonry surfaces and provides a good base for finishing coats. Its coverage area is 16 m²/L and only one coat needs to be applied. The drying time is two hours. Strong hiding powers prevents the resurfacing of stain marks from removed mould growth.

3. Dulux Professional Interior Anti-Mould

A durable emulsion paint with a matt finish, this product with its special anti mould formula is designed to be used on indoor ceilings. The paint can also be used on interior brickwork, soft wallboards, cement and plaster. It comes in 24 different colours and gives you the option of refining the preferred hue for your room. Estimated coverage is 9 – 10 m²/L and drying time is two to four hours.

4. Jotun Majestic Perfect Beauty & Care

Interior paint with broad spectrum protection against bacteria and fungi growth, this long-lasting product offers a range of vibrant colours. It’s low in paint emissions and odour, keeping it safe for all family members. The paint coverage area is approximately 7.05 m²/L and the manufacturers recommend applying two coats for the best look.

5. Rafflespaint R. ANTIMOULD (Pure White Only)

A white emulsion paint with zero VOCs, this product offers an eggshell finish on interior surfaces. It’s specially formulated for ceilings in damp areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and basements. This 2-in-1 primer and paint has excellent adhesion and paint flow, covering most pores and cracks. Mostly odour-free, one litre offers excellent coverage of 9 – 14 m² and two coats are recommended. Drying time is up to two hours.

6. Ronseal Anti-Mould Paint

Using this matt white paint with anti-fungal properties, can stop mould growth in its tracks for up to six years. It’s highly resistant to steam and moisture and is excellent for kitchens, bathrooms, basements and can be used on both walls and ceilings. The coverage area is 12 m²/L and two coats are sufficient. Leave to dry for four hours before applying the second coat.

What is Mould and What Causes It?

Mould is a type of fungus that lives on animal and plant matter. Releasing airborne mould spores, it grows in moist and poorly ventilated areas, both indoors and outdoors. It’s recognised by its fuzzy or slimy appearance, varying in colours from brown to black or white, green or even orange or pink. Sometimes it looks more like a stain or smudge.

Floating microscopic spores can’t be seen by the naked eye. But, when they settle onto a host surface under ideal conditions, they grow into visible mould colonies.

What is Anti-Mould Paint?

Anti-mould paint, a cornerstone in environmental health and home maintenance, is engineered with advanced moisture control technology to combat fungus growth on various building materials, including walls and cupboards.

This innovative solution, featuring low VOC levels and sustainable painting practices, incorporates a potent biocide, benzothiazolinone, ensuring effective mould prevention. Ideal for areas prone to high humidity, such as bathrooms, it supports indoor air quality by mitigating mould risks.

For optimal results, consider integrating paint application techniques that enhance coverage and durability, alongside implementing humidity and ventilation solutions to sustain a mould-free environment.

Applied as a top coat paint, it’s easy to use and has a durable finish. A premium-quality anti mould paint product can protect home surfaces from fungal growth for up to five years.

4 Reasons to Use Anti-Mould Paint

sick old people with medical mask

1) Prevents older or sick people from getting more sick

Elderly or sick people are more prone to developing respiratory conditions such as asthma or mould allergies when exposed to fungal spores. Preventing high concentrations of mould growth in the home will help to minimise this health hazard for older or sick occupants.

2) Decreases the chances of irritations and rashes on your family members’ skin

Common mould rash symptoms include itching of the skin, rashes and redness. If one or more of your family members are overexposed to mould, breathing in the spores could result in nasty allergic reactions. Dermatitis is one such symptom of a mould allergy.

Rash baby allergy on face

3) It can protect family members who have weakened immune systems

Family members who are immunosuppressed or have a weaker immune system will suffer more if there are high colonies of mould growth in the home. Breathing in airborne mould spores is a real threat to sick people, weakening their immune system further. Newborn babies with developing immune systems can also be compromised by mould growth in their living environment.

4) Reduces the Risk of Liver Damage

Mould growth in the home increases the number of fungal spores in the air. If the spores land on food such as bread, they’ll multiply and produce mycotoxins. This toxic substance is dangerous for every organ in the body, but mostly the liver. If ingested in high quantities, the mycotoxins will cause liver damage.

uman Body Organs Anatomy (Liver)


Anti-mould paint is used to prevent the growth of mould when spores land on it. It shouldn’t be used to paint over existing mould growth as it may hide it but it won’t stop it from reappearing. Anti-mould paint doesn’t kill fungal growth once it has started.

It’s recommended to remove all mould with a wire brush. Applying an oil sealer or a primer over the area where mould growth had taken place will help to minimise discolouration, stains or marks showing through the new paintwork. It will also protect the final coat of paint from further mould growth while leaving your wall looking beautiful and fresh.

A well-ventilated room prevents moisture buildup and condensation. Opening windows will help to remove excess dampness from a room. With less moisture settling on walls, floors and other surfaces in the home, mould growth will be minimised.

The anti mould paint can last up to 5 years for applied wall. To make it last longer, you should consider opening up your window with constant flow of natural air into the room to dehumidify the room.

Or you can consider owning a dehumidifier. 


Living with mould is unhealthy for most people and a threat to homes in Singapore because of high humidity. But, there are solutions and we hope you enjoyed reading through our list of reliable anti mould paints for interior surfaces. Check them out with your painting contractors.

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