14 Best Exterior Paint That’s Available in Singapore (Updated May 23)

Finding the best exterior paint for your home or building in Singapore depends on several factors. Do you want to prevent algae or mildew growth because of high humidity? Or are you looking for tough roof paint to protect your tiles in all weather conditions? Keep reading to find out what is exterior paint and what’s available in Singapore.

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What is Exterior Paint & It’s Uses

With Singapore’s hot weather and high humidity, it’s important to use exterior paint for outdoor surfaces. Made to be fade-resistant, exterior paint features combat algae or fungi growth due to moisture exposure, and can handle changing weather conditions.

Used on exterior surfaces, the paint includes additives and resins to withstand harsh UV rays and temperature changes. Exterior paint adheres better to rougher surfaces too.

Available Exterior Paint in Singapore

Nippon Paint

nippon paint logo

#1. Nippon Weatherbond

A high-performance paint that handles weathering and surface dirt build-up. The paint’s breathable film allows moisture to escape, making it fungal-resistant. This durable paint is easy to apply and has a long lifespan, making it an excellent choice for harsh weather conditions.

It can be used on most exterior masonry surfaces and its anti-carbonation features prevents colour fade.

#2. Nippon Weatherbond AlgaeGuard

High-humidity areas call for extra protection against algae and fungal growth and this exterior paint is the perfect solution. It prevents dirt streaks on exterior surfaces and has high water vapour permeability which is ideal for moist conditions. Its anti-carbonation features make it highly fade-resistant and the paint can be applied easily to exterior timber and brick surfaces.

This durable algae-resistant exterior paint is long-lasting keeping your outside surfaces looking good all year round.

#3. Nippon Roofguard

Available in 5-litre containers, this paint is highly durable while leaving your roof tiles looking smooth and algae-free. The paint has effective mould-control additives making it most suitable for hot and humid areas. Its solar-reflective feature prevents your home from getting overly hot when the temperature soars!

While not recommended for glazed tiles, this paint can be used on old or new clay tiles, concrete, masonry or metal roofs.

Jotun Paint

jotun paint logo

#1. Jotashield Colour Extreme

Here’s a specially formulated exterior paint for homes and buildings battling harsh tropical weather! The use of biocide technology helps this paint combat algae and fungal growth while its long-lasting colours will keep your exterior surfaces looking fresh and vibrant for many years.

Drying time is 2 hours and I litre covers 11.1 sq./m. Applying two coats is recommended for a smooth sheen finish.

#2. Jotashield Ultra Clean

If you want a premium paint that avoids surface dirt accumulation, this product is a good solution. Using dirt-repellent technology, the paint automatically cleans every time it rains. This exterior paint provides ultimate protection for up to eight years, keeping your outside surfaces dirt-streak-free and your home clean in all seasons.

Applying two coats will give your home exterior surfaces a sheen finish that you can be proud of!

#3. Jotashield Antifade Colours

Another exterior paint for optimal protection against harsh tropical weather, this product is perfect for Singapore homes. The brand’s specially formulated pigment technology prevents the paint colours from fading during UV radiation exposure. This way, your home stays beautiful and fresh-looking for longer. What’s more, the paint is algae-and fungal-resistant too!

One litre gives you 11.1 sq./m coverage on all exterior surfaces and applying two coats will give you the vibrant finish you want for your home.

#4. Essence Tough Shield

An exterior paint that’s highly resistant to rain and sunlight, you can use this product to beautify your home’s appearance with a matt and smooth finish. It’s specially formulated to combat algae and fungal growth, essential for homes exposed to high humidity or rainfall. The paint is easy to apply, hides most wall imperfections, and is free of harmful chemicals.

Suitable for painted, concrete, plaster, and masonry surfaces, this exterior paint dries in two hours. One litre gives you an area coverage of 10 sq./m and two coats should be applied for the best results.

#5. Jotun Tough Shield Max

If you’re looking for budget-friendly exterior paint without compromising on protection and appearance, this paint is worth exploring. It’s resistant to strong weathering, has long-lasting colours, and provides UV protection from harsh sunlight. Improved flow and levelling during application give your home a smooth and quality finish.

Furthermore, this paint is algae- and fungi-resistant, protecting your home from the side effects of moisture exposure.

#6. Jotaroof

If you’re planning to paint your roof, you need to check out this premium-quality product. Not only does it protect your roofing from extreme weather conditions but it prevents the growth of algae and fungi. The 2X heat reflective features keep your home comfortable even on the hottest day. The colours are UV protected, preventing them from fading from sunlight exposure.

The paint is suitable for most roofing types but shouldn’t be used on glazed roof tiles.

Dulux Paint

dulux paint logo

#1. Dulux Weathershield

Formulated for exterior walls, this paint has reflective properties, minimising surface temperature while keeping your home interior cool. It’s UV protected, preventing colour fade and is resistant to algae and fungal growth. This exterior paint is Singapore GreenLabel certified, making it an environmentally friendly product for eco-conscious homeowners.

The paint provides a low sheen finish after two applications and one litre cover an area of 12 to 13 sq./m.

#2. Dulux Weathershield Roof

This Dulux roof tiles paint includes the brand’s patented Keep Cool technology reduces surface temperature, keeping your home comfortable when it’s hot outside! Its Colour Lock formulation prevents the paint colours fading because of UV exposure. The paint’s algae-and fungal-resistant features protect your home’s roof tiles too from mildew and mould.

This exterior paint is lead and mercury-free, making it much safer and eco-friendly product than other. It provides a low sheen finish after two applications.

Raffles Paint

raffles paint logo

#1. R. ONE: Exterior & Interior

This eco-green paint and primer 2-in-1 solution protects your exterior surfaces from extreme weathering, mildew and mould and is efflorescence resistant too. This means your home stays vibrant without losing its colour for several years. It stays ultra-clean with its washability technology preventing unsightly dirt streaks on your exterior features.

This low-odour, non-toxic paint provides excellent coverage with fewer coats while hiding most surface imperfections.

#2. R. WEATHER (Exterior Paint)

A high-performance exterior emulsion paint that’s eco-friendly too will enhance the appearance of your home with its all-weather protection features. It’s extremely resistant to dirt, mould, algae and fungus, keeping your home’s exterior surfaces fresh and clean in hot and humid conditions. The colours are fade-resistant and the low-odour paint is non-toxic as well.

The paint offers excellent coverage with fewer coats making it a cost-effective solution for Singapore homeowners on a tight budget.

Benjamin Moore Paint

benjamin moore paint logo

#1. ben® Exterior Paint

This low-lustre sheen paint offers excellent flow and levelling for easy and professional application on all exterior surfaces. The paint adheres well on even rough surfaces and is resistant to cracking and peeling. What’s more, it’s resistant to mildew and the colours don’t fade easily despite the harsh UV rays. It’s available in thousands of colours, giving homeowners a wide choice for exterior walls.

This 100% acrylic resin paint is easy to clean – all you need is soap and water – and it gives great coverage too.

Summing It Up

Singapore homeowners have a wide choice of superior-quality exterior paints to pick from. Look out for features such as algae-and fungi-resistance for humid or high rainfall areas or reflective properties if you battle with the consequences of the area’s high temperatures. Our exterior paint list gives you the best picks available in Singapore, so you can conveniently browse and pick your type for your next project.

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