7 Recommended Odourless Paint for Your Wall (2023 List)

Choosing the right type of paint for your painting projects can be just as tedious – and rewarding – as the job itself. A paint job can also be expensive, which is why its longevity always needs to be prioritised.

It can often be challenging to decide which brands to choose when taking on a huge job, and you’d obviously want to get it right the first time! To make this process simpler, we’ve examined which odourless paint brands are the best to consider in Singapore.

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What is Odourless or Low-Odour Paint?

Low-odour or odourless paint contains significantly less VOCs (volatile organic compounds). This means it won’t give off nearly as much harmful gases as traditional paints. Odourless paints, on the other hand, contain zero to very low levels of VOCs (almost no paint odour).

VOCs are found in almost all paints, protective coatings and solvents to prevent mildew from forming over time, but the less of it the better. Odourless paints are more water-based than petroleum-based, and have similar combative reactions against mildew as paints with a lot of VOCs.

Odourless paints are ideal for children’s rooms, bedrooms, hallways or in any part of the house that will have much human traffic. Some of its other benefits include:

  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Many colour choices
  • Healthier choice
  • mildew-resistant
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to prepare

What’s not to love when opting for low paint odour? Read on as we discover the best odourless paint brands to use for your home.

Nippon Odour Less Paint All-in-1

Nippon Odourless All-in-1 image

Nippon Odour Less paint All-in-1 is an environmentally-friendly and ideal interior wall paint that is designed specifically to not include VOCs. It is durable, washable and mould- and fungus-resistant, and has a classic matte finish.

Nippon paint odourless has excellent hiding power, making it perfect for covering hairline cracks and crevices. This brand is also easy to apply and to touch-up and is most ideal to use in residential spaces where there is frequent human traffic such as bedrooms and hallways.  

Nippon Odourless EasyWash

Nippon Paint Odourless EasyWash is a premium acrylic paint with easy dirt and smudge removal and is resistant to almost all types of stains. This makes it durable and easily washable, and is not toxic to the air or environment. It has a soft sheen finish and contains a long-lasting colour range.

EasyWash is heavy metal- and ammonia-free, with no lead or mercury added to its make-up. This brand is highly recommended if you don’t want pollutants emitted in your home environment or around children. It is perfect to use in schools, hospitals and/or hotels.

Nippon Odourless Easy Wash image

Nippon Odourless Medifresh

Nippon Odourless Medifresh image

Odourless Medifresh is a high quality paint that is enhanced with protection against mould and mildew. It contains antimicrobial protection elements and is extremely low in VOC levels, while also being non-toxic to the environment (greatly reduces volatile organic compound).

Medifresh is 100% acrylic, meaning it is fast-drying and water-based. This ammonia-free paint has an excellent flow after its application and is also splatter-resistant. It is perfect for health-focused interior environments such as children’s bedrooms, buildings housing the elderly and nurseries.

Dulux PureAir

Dulux PureAir has a smooth luxurious finish and its colour-guard technology ensures that the colours look fresher for longer periods of time. It is environmentally friendly and certified by the Singapore GreenLabel.

This brand is designed to be completely odour-free after the paint is freshly applied. Moreover, its AirFreshTM Technology allows the air to remain fresh and clean after its application. With its low-sheen finish, it is able to provide a more complete look to the interior of your room.

Dulux PureAir image

Raffles Paint – R.AntiSmell

Raffles Paint – R.AntiSmell image

R.AntiSmell is an eco-friendly paint that has a near zero level of VOCs. This water based paint covering has excellent hiding power for interior walls and is suitable for residential and commercial walls and ceilings.

It also has a high solid content, which includes binders, additives and various pigments. The R.AntiSmell doesn’t contain any mercury, lead or other heavy metals. This emulsion is ideal for surfaces such as cement plaster, hard or soft boards, gypsum board and precast concrete.

Raffles Paint – R.Wash

R.Wash is a premium interior washable paint with excellent adhesion qualities. This means it has a strong bond between the coating and the surfaces to which it is applied. It has great coverage over the surfaces and is water-resistant, making it highly resistible to wearing after repeated cleaning.

This paint is also non-toxic and doesn’t contain compounds such as lead, formaldehyde, phenol ethoxylate, ammonia and mercury that may cause it to emit harmful fumes. It is easy to apply with no water dilution required, while having minimal splattering during its application.

Raffles Paint – R.Wash image

Jotun Majestic True Beauty Matt

Jotun Majestic True Beauty Matt image

The Majestic True Beauty Matt delivers a smooth and luxurious sheen finish, which provides a true colour experience. Its True Colour Technology delivers more uniform and coherent colour schemes, ensuring consistency on your freshly painted walls.

This paint is stain-resistant, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal and is easy to keep clean. These qualities make it a low-odour paint that stays true to environmental-friendly practices.

Summing It Up

When it comes to all your coating objectives, PaintingGuy.SG uses Nippon Paint to paint all our client’s homes, offices, and industrial buildings. Clients particularly enjoy the odourless and anti-bacterial qualities of this brand, as well as its long-lasting effects.

When opting for the right paint brands you need to consider various factors such as its quality, consistency, durability, and leveling properties. It is also important to do the right amount of research to consider all the available low-odour paint options in Singapore.

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