11 Paint Brands in Singapore That You Can Rely On (2023 List)

Whether you have a small or much bigger painting project to do, it’s always important to choose the right paint for the job. This can often be challenging when you don’t know what brands to opt for. To make the process of finding the right paint easier, we’ve researched the top paint brands to consider in Singapore.

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Paint Brands That’s Are in Singapore Currently

Do you need to give your home or office a fresh coat of paint? Are you looking for the right paint brands to create a durable and lasting finish? Fortunately, the Singapore paint industry has several options to choose from. Keep reading as we highlight the leading paint manufacturers worth considering.

nippon paint logo

Nippon Paint Singapore has been around since 1955 when founder Mr Goh Cheng Liang opened his first paint shop. Later, in 1965, the first Nippon paint plant was established. Since then, their high-quality products have become a firm favourite across the paint industry.

In addition to being a top paint brand, Nippon paint also provide painting service. Their website provides customers with guides to choosing the right painting tools and paints as well as an extensive colour catalogue to browse through.

dulux paint logo

Dulux paint has existed in Singapore for over 70 years and was originally known as ICI Paints. As one of the global leaders in paint-related products, they’re often many professional painters’ first choice.

Among the paints on offer in the Dulux range, you’ll find primer, enamel, fabric and emulsion paint that’s regarded by many as some of the top wall paints on the market.

asia paint logo

Asian paint started its small paint company in 1980 in a remote location with limited manpower and infrastructure. Despite their humble beginnings, they have managed to become one of Singapore’s leading paint manufacturers.

Their extensive range of high-quality paints includes automotive, industrial, INVEBI furniture spray as well as waterborne wood varnishes. Their paints also boast superior indoor air quality.

gush earth logo

Gush Earth paint are well known for providing environmentally friendly paints that have been manufactured using advanced pulverization processes. This in turn minimizes carbon emissions often found in paint manufacture.

They have a wide range of quality products that create healthier and cleaner paint types. Their air-purifying paints help regulate humidity and have zero VOC. Furthermore, their paints are odourless as well as anti-moulding and anti-bacterial. As a bonus, their paints are easy to wash and maintain!

raffles paint logo

Many people recognise Raffles Paint for its extensive online store. Aside from having a wide range of interior, exterior, and epoxy paints on offer they also provide a variety of wood and metal paints and primers.

A few of the more popular products in their range include their R.BABY range which features air purifying technology. This type of paint is ideal for use in nurseries or rooms where babies sleep as it features Anti-Bacterial properties. They also boast Singapore’s First Anti-Viral Paint and Primer 2-in-1. This mixture has been formulated to protect walls against airborne viruses and bacteria.

ronseal paint logo

Ronseal Paint is another paint supplier that predominantly sells paints through its online store. Founded in 1956 in the UK, Ronseal has a remarkably extensive range of DIY painting products on offer.

Whether you’re painting your garden furniture, outdoor tool shed, or even back fence, Ronseal has the right type of paint to ensure a durable and lasting finish. Aside from offering top-quality paint options, they also have a range of garden stains and metal paints specifically designed for outdoor tasks.

jotun paint logo

Jotun Paint has an extensive presence in over 100 countries around the world. They have established themselves as leading manufacturers of high-quality paints and coatings. This paint brand is ideal for both interior and exterior painting jobs.

Aside from striving to provide consumers with superior paint products, Jotun also takes sustainability and environmental conservation seriously. Their plants make use of renewable electricity and production waste recycled. If you want to support a top environmentally friendly company, Jotun should be at the top of your list.

Started in 1953 as the Chin Wah Co, Kangaroo Paint strives to bring innovation to the paint industry. By using the latest techniques in paint design and manufacturing, their products are eco-friendly and sustainable.

They also pride themselves on being able to provide quality innovative products at affordable prices. You can find everything from architectural coatings to aerosol sprays.

berger logo

Berger Paint were established in Singapore in 1939. Over the years they have set out to streamline their production processes to provide greener, more sustainable products.

In addition to sustainable production, they also strive to conserve water in all their plants, as a means to fight water scarcity. Top products include a wide variety of interior paint as well as marine and protective paints.

benjamin moore paint logo

Benjamin Moore Paint has been around since 1883 in the UK. Their paint plant in Singapore boasts an extensive range of paints ideally suited to all your painting needs.

Whether you need to paint your living room, bathroom or even your kitchen cabinets, you’re guaranteed to find a suitable option from Benjamin Moore. They boast unrivalled colour palettes that make it easy to find the perfect bold colour for your next statement wall!

seamaster paint logo

Founded in the late 50s, Sea Master Paint has grown to become a leading paint producer in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. Their interior paints are both easy to use and affordable.

The Best Paint Brand in Singapore According to us!

It has got to be Nippon Paint! Here are our supporting reasonings;

  1. It has lots of different types of paint for a variety of situations that will suit you.
  2. You could purchase them online or offline easily.
  3. Tons of good reviews.
  4. Reliable paint that last and is durable.

To Sum it Up

When it comes to painting our client’s homes, offices, or industrial areas, it’s worth noting that Painting Guy.SG uses Nippon Paint. Our clients enjoy the durability and quality offered by this particular brand. When you’re searching for the right paint for your space, it’s crucial to research all the options available to ensure you opt for the right brand for the job.

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