Painting Condo Unit for Sale: What is the Best Colour?

The best colour to use for sale of condo is white.

Below are our reasonings since we have painted condos and HDBs in Singapore for several years.

Firstly, white makes your room look bigger than it looks. You could use other colours like off-whites, light neutrals, pales, and pastels to make your room have a bigger effect too. But we will still recommend using white as we continue on our reasonings below.

Second, it makes your room bright. Even if one particular room is shadier, the white would help to bright up the room when you switch on the room light.

Third, when a potential buyer comes to view your condo, they could easily paint over their new condo with their preferred colour, if they decide to purchase from you. Strong colours like red, yellow, and black are not recommended. It will be best to use a neutral colour like white when selling your condo.

Fourth, it makes your room look neater. Of course, you will have to do your part to pack things up, so when a potential buyer views, they would have some assurances that you takes care of your condo, and most probably would not have any pest or maintenance issues.

Lastly, it makes you more money from the selling of your condo. If your condo’s initial price is $2 million, and you deal at $2.1 million. You made an additional close to $100 thousand when you spent less than about $2 thousand for painting.

Summing It Up: DIY or Get Professional Help?

We highly recommend using white to paint your condo before selling, as it makes it easy for you, the potential buyer, and the agent in the process. Selling and buying condos is a huge transaction for anyone in Singapore, and that may only happen not more than 5 times in anyone’s lifetime.

Here at, we give our clients the advice they need in whatever situation(s) they are in. And if you are looking to get professional painters to paint your condo that’s up for sale, do consider us. We provide free on-site assessments to understand what you want and need.

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