How Much Does it Cost to Painting a 2-Room HDB Flat? (Updated Oct 2023)

The cost of painting a 2-room HDB flat in Singapore will range from $800 to $1,350, depending on the type of paint you choose, and the number of colours.

This is based on using Nippon Paint’s Vinilex 5000 (standard paint) to Odour-less EasyWash (premium paint), and if you choose to use oil sealer, it will be an additional $250.

The main reasons why the price of engaging professional painters has increased are due to;

  1. Labour: 2 experienced painters will take 1 to 2 days. (1 day if there are no furniture to move.)
  2. Insurance
  3. Medical benefits for workers.
  4. Worker’s levy
  5. Increase in rental stay for the workers (2nd main reason).
  6. Increase in paint cost per tin. (Main reason)


There are three different types of 2 room HDB unit, below are their size range;

Type 1: 35 to 38 sqm
Type 2: 45 to 47 sqm
Community Care Apartments: about 35 sqm

It has 1 bedroom, 1 kitchen plus living room, 1 bathroom, 1 service yard and an air con ledge.

You do not need to stay in your home while the painting is in the process.

You can trust us in looking after and protecting your items at home.

Our painters are ethical and professional. Why not use our HDB painting services for your 2 room HDB home?

To Sum It Up

Hopefully this information didn’t only educate you, but help you to decide to DIY painting or get professional help.

If you have any questions regarding painting your 2-room HDB flat, do look up our More FAQs for answers.

Or if you decide to get professional painting service, why not try us out?

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