How Much Paint for Painting 4-Room HDB Flat in Singapore?

Each room (wall) of a 4-room HDB flat typically requires 5 liters of paint. For the living room walls, you will need approximately 10 liters of paint. Additionally, plan around 15 liters of paint to cover all ceilings in the flat.

It includes the dining room, toilets (ceiling only), kitchen (ceiling only, assuming kitchen walls are tilted), storeroom, the 3 bedrooms, and the living room.

The above information is based on 2 coats of paint on all walls, and all ceiling use the same colour and using same type of paint. If you are using multiple types of paint with different colours, you will need more liters of paint.


It will take a day to paint a room of 4 walls. It will take less than a day if the room is empty.

It takes about 2 to 4 hours for the paint to dry, then apply 2nd coat over. You could dry it faster by using fan, or you could open the windows and doors to ventilate, so as to speed up the drying of the paint.

To engage us (professional painters) to paint a 4 room HDB, the rough estimate cost is $1,350. We are using Nippon Vilinax (up to 3 colours) for the wall, and using Nippon Matex (white only) for the ceiling.

For other types of Nippon paint, do check with us.

Yes, it is cheaper if you know what you are doing, if you have time to paint your own house, if you have the right painting techniques, if you have a painting process in mind.

But, if you have no experience, no time to paint on your own, no process, and techniques, it will be best to outsource to the professional.

Do contact us to check our paint job rate.

Here are some reasons why. It is due to the increase cost of;

– worker’s levy.
– increase in rental stay for the workers. Most are foreign workers.
– increase in paint cost.

Other costs that most painting companies are incurring;

– insurance 
– medical benefits for workers.

To Sum It Up

Hopefully this information didn’t only educate you, but help you to decide to DIY painting or get professional help.

If you have any questions regarding painting your 4-room HDB flat, do look up our More FAQs for answers.

Or if you decide to get professional painting service, why not try us out?

Previous version.

To paint a 4-room HDB unit, you will need at least 40 to 45 liters in Singapore.

Below is the breakdown;

Each room (wall) requires 5 liters of paint.
Living room (wall): 10 liters of paint.
All ceiling: 15 liters of paint.

Des: Thinking of painting your 4-room HDB flat? You will need at least 40 liters of paint. Or you could engage us to paint your home. Contact us now!


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