Nippon Paint Price You Need to Know Before Painting Your Residence

Below is the latest update on the Nippon Paint price which is taken from their website. We found there are cheaper alternatives to purchase the Nippon Paint online, and without you carrying them home. I have placed the links in the table below.

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Name of PaintType of Paint1L Price5L PriceCheck Shopee Rate
Vinilex 5000Interior Paints$31.03 (include 8% GST)$107 (include 8% GST)Buy Vinilex 5000 on Shopee
Easy WashInterior Paints$35.31 (Include 8% GST)$133.75 (Include 8% GST)Buy Easy Wash on Shopee
Vinyl SilkInterior Paints$33.17 (Include 8% GST)$123.05 (Include 8% GST)Buy Vinyl Silk on Shopee
3-in-1 MedifreshInterior Paints$37.45 (Include 8% GST)$144.45 (Include 8% GST)Buy 3-in-1 Medifresh on Shopee
Odour-less All-in-1Interior Paints$38.52 (Include 8% GST)$149.8 (Include 8% GST)Buy Odour-less All-in-1 on Shopee
Odour-less MedifreshInterior Paints$42.8 (Include 8% GST)$160.5 (Include 8% GST)Buy Odour-less Medifresh on Shopee
Odour-less EasyWashInterior Paints$40.66 (Include 8% GST)$155.15 (Include 8% GST)Buy Odour-less EasyWash on Shopee
VirusGuardInterior Paints$171.2 (Include 8% GST)Buy VirusGuard on Shopee
MozzieguardInterior Paints$155.15 (Include 8% GST)Buy Mozzieguard on Shopee
RoofGuardExterior Paints$117.7 (Include 8% GST)Buy RoofGuard on Shopee
WeatherbondExterior Paints$37.45 (Include 8% GST)$144.45 (Include 8% GST)Buy Weatherbond on Shopee
Weatherbond AlgaeGuardExterior Paints$155.15 (Include 8% GST)Buy Weatherbond AlgaeGuard on Shopee
MatexCeiling Paints$58.85 (7L, include 8% GST)Buy Matex on Shopee
Odour-less Anti-Mould Ceiling WhiteCeiling Paints$31.03 (Include 8% GST)$96.30 (Include 8% GST)Buy Odour-less Anti-Mould Ceiling White on Shopee
TimberCoatWood Paints$23.54 (Include 8% GST)$85.60 (Include 8% GST)Buy TimberCoat on Shopee
TimberlacWood Paints$28.89 (Include 8% GST)Buy Timberlac on Shopee
Bodelac 9000Wood Paints$29.96 (Include 8% GST)$96.3 (Include 8% GST)Buy Bodelac 9000 on Shopee
SolarShieldWood Paints$31.03 (Include 8% GST)$97.37 (Include 8% GST)Buy SolarShield on Shopee
Aqua BodelacWood Paints$33.17 (Include 8% GST)$123.05 (Include 8% GST)Buy Aqua Bodelac on Shopee
WoodGuardWood Paints$35.31 (Include 8% GST)$111.28 (Include 8% GST)Buy WoodGuard on Shopee
Aqua WoodguardWood Paints$41.73 (Include 8% GST)$149.8 (Include 8% GST)Buy Aqua Woodguard on Shopee
Gold PaintWood Paints$25.68 (250g, include 8% GST)$98.44 (1 Kg, include 8% GST)Buy Gold Paint on Shopee
Micaceous Iron OxideMetal Paints$28.89 (Include 8% GST)$82.39 (Include 8% GST)Buy Micaceous Iron Oxide on Shopee
MetalluxMetal Paints$41.73 (Include 8% GST)Buy Metallux on Shopee
Quick Dry QD UndercoatPrimers, Sealers & Undercoats$50 (Include 8% GST)Buy Quick Dry QD Undercoat on Shopee
5101 Odour-less Wall SealerPrimers, Sealers & Undercoats$21.4 (Include 8% GST)$74.90 (Include 8% GST)Buy 5101 Odour-less Wall Sealer on Shopee
Vinilex 5170 Wall SealerPrimers, Sealers & Undercoats$23.54 (Include 8% GST)$85.6 (Include 8% GST)Buy Vinilex 5170 Wall Sealer on Shopee
Bodelac 9000 UndercoatPrimers, Sealers & Undercoats$23.54 (Include 8% GST)$80.25 (Include 8% GST)Buy Bodelac 9000 Undercoat on Shopee
Expresskote SealerPrimers, Sealers & Undercoats$23.54 (Include 8% GST)$85.6 (Include 8% GST)Buy Expresskote Sealer on Shopee
Aqua Primer Sealer UndercoatPrimers, Sealers & Undercoats$26.75 (Include 8% GST)$90.95 (Include 8% GST)Buy Aqua Primer Sealer Undercoat on Shopee

All prices indicated above are in Singapore Dollars (SGD).

As Shopee always has promotions, and we are not able to keep up with their fee updates, you should check it out on your own.

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