Benjamin Moore Vs Nippon Paint: Which is Better for Painting Your House?

Choosing between Benjamin Moore and Nippon Paint involves more than just picking a color; it’s about considering the durability and finish quality of the paint, its eco-friendliness, and how it aligns with safety standards. Both brands offer a wide range of products, including specialty coatings and primer options, designed to meet various project needs while ensuring ease of application and optimal drying time

The Nippon paint brand not only provides a range of colours to choose from, but their range also features anti-mould and low VOC properties. Benjamin Moore on the other hand, is a popular choice used by high-end designers for various painting projects.

With so many brands on the market, it’s often difficult to choose the right brand for your paint job. That’s why it’s important to compare brands such as Benjamin Moore and Nippon. Is one paint brand better than the other? Read this article to see how they compare.

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Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore logo

The Benjamin Moore paint brand from the U.S. has been around since 1883. With their quality paint products, they have become a regular option for many painting services around Singapore.

Benjamin Moore stands out for its sustainability efforts and non-toxicity, making it a safe choice for homes and commercial spaces alike. Its paints are known for weatherproof qualities and scratch resistance, ensuring long-lasting beauty and protection. The brand’s brushability and roller suitability make application a breeze, offering a smooth finish with fewer coats.

Benjamin Moore Specifications

Some of the stand-out features that make Benjamin Moore paints well worth considering are listed below:

  • Diverse colour range: Benjamin Moore uses Patented Gennex Colour Technology which is responsible for 3,500 available colours ideal for painting your plain coloured walls.
  • Zero-VOC: Paints are made with a zero-VOC waterborne tinting system, creating safe and environmentally friendly paints.
  • Peel resistant: Paints are guaranteed to be peeling, blistering and flake resistant, making them ideal for exterior painting.
  • Superior coverage: The durability and coverage offered by Benjamin Moore paint will give any space a desired quality finish that’s long-lasting.
  • Fade-resistant: Since Benjamin Moore is fade-resistant, it means surfaces will stay elegant and vibrant for much longer.
  • Fewer coats: Benjamin Moore is well known for covering surfaces with fewer coats than most other paint brands. There are also no specialized brushes required—regular paintbrushes and rollers will do the trick.
  • Wearability: On average Benjamin Moore paints take about 30 minutes to dry and an hour to recoat, saving you time on the entire process.
  • Strong adhesion: Benjamin Moore paints are designed to adhere to any surface including metal, wood and stone.
  • Green options: For house painting services that require environmentally friendly surface coverage, the ECO SPEC range provides allergy and asthma-friendly options.
  • Warranty: Paints have a six-month warranty which is extended to 24 months with an add-on-sealer.



Nippon Paint

Untitled design

Nippon Paint, recognized for its VOC levels and allergen-free formulas, presents an eco-friendly option at a value for money price point. Its extensive color palette and coverage per gallon make it a budget-friendly choice without compromising on quality. The brand’s anti-mosquito and antibacterial properties further enhance the living environment, making it ideal for residential and commercial applications.

Furthermore, Nippon doesn’t only provide quality paint, but can also be relied on to supply their industry-leading paint products to a wide range of industries. The most prominent include the following:

  • Protective coatings
  • Automotive
  • Momento
  • Trade

Nippon Paint Specifications

Nippon paint is a common choice among many professional painters around Singapore. The most significant specifications that make it so popular include the following:

  • Extensive range: Nippon paint range includes outdoor and indoor products as well as ceiling variations. Nippon paint can be used on just about any surface, including stone, metal and wood. Can also be used to repaint built-in furniture
  • Odour: Nippon paint is fragrance-free, meaning there will be no risk of headaches and respiratory illnesses while your home or office is being painted.
  • Mosquito guard: Anti-mosquito options kill Aedes mosquitoes on contact, making it a brilliant choice for areas that are prone to mosquitoes.
  • Variety of paint colours: Nippon has 2388 different paint colours to choose from, all suitable for indoor and outdoor painting needs.
  • Antibacterial properties: Silver ion technology kills viruses and bacteria, reducing the risk of mould, bacteria or mildew.
  • Durability: Its high durability factor makes it a top choice among interior painting services, giving homeowners the satisfaction that their paint job will last the required time.
  • VOC: Since this paint has a low VOC, it means this paint contains fewer organic compounds, making it safe to use anywhere in the home.
  • Solar feature: The Sola Reflect feature reflects the sun, diminishing surface temperature and ultimately reducing the need for aircon in the warmer months.
  • Stains: Nippon is both stain resistant and non-toxic, making it ideal for children’s bedrooms and kitchens.
  • Smooth finish: The Vinyl silk range offers a satin finish, providing you with a soft, smooth finish, perfect for every space.
  • Weather resistant: Outdoor versions are designed to withstand harsh weather, making them perfect for commercial buildings
  • Water resistant: Range includes ceiling paints that are water, peeling and blistering resistant
  • All surfaces: In addition to having options for brickwork, fiberboards, and plastered walls, there are also variants for metal and wood.



Overview: Benjamin Moore Vs Nippon Paint

A side-by-side comparison always makes it easier to choose the best brand for your specific paint jobs.

FeaturesBenjamin MooreNippon Paint
TypeLatex or AcrylicModified Acrylic Polymer Emulsion
ColourMinimum of 3,500 colour choicesMinimum of 2,388 colour choices
Finish– 6 sheen levels for interior walls
– 4 sheen levels for exterior walls
– Matt and smooth matt
– Gloss
Uses– Interior walls
– Exterior walls
– Ceilings
– Wood
– Concrete
– Interior walls
– Exterior walls
– Concrete
– Wood
– Metal
– Ceilings
Stand out features– Splatter resistant
– Patented Gennex colour technology
– Zero-VOC
– Low odour
– Quality finishes
– Environmentally friendly
– Good coverage
– Mosquito guard
– Fungus and mould resistant
– Environmentally friendly
– Low odour
– Low VOC
– Superior hiding power
CleaningEasy to clean– Easy to clean
– Also easy to wash off of brushes and rollers
PackagingSizes vary from 1L, 5L and 20LSizes vary from 1L, 5L and 20L
Shelf lifeUp to 24 months in a tightly sealed containerUp to 24 months in a tightly sealed container
Drying timeAbout 30 minutes for surface drying and 2 hours for a hard dry at 30°CAround 30 minutes for surface drying and 2 hours for a hard dry at 30°C
Application methodRoller, brush or spray for texture coatingRoller, brush or spray for texture coating

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Paint Brand

Choosing the right paint for your next paint job is crucial and involves a lot more than simply choosing your favourite color. Here are a few factors to consider when you’re shopping around for the best paint option:

  • Colour richness: When choosing a paint consider how deep you want the shade to be. Some paints are formulated to hold deeper, richer shades better than others. If you’re creating a statement wall, you will need a colour with a richer shade for maximum effect.
  • Washability: It’s important to pay attention to the area you want to paint. Spaces such as hallways, porches and kitchens may require more cleaning and therefore you want paints that can handle repeated washing without compromising the colour richness or finish. A tip here is to select a shinier finish as these are easier to clean.
  • Coverage: Another important consideration is the condition of the wall you’re painting. For instance, do you need paint that needs to hide flaws, marks or even existing dark colours? In these instances, you want a paint that offers incredible one-coat coverage to avoid having to pack on too many layers to get the desired effect.
  • Low and zero VOC: Always go for paints that have low or zero VOCs. Essentially, a low or zero VOC paint will reduce exposure to toxic fumes. These types of paint are also environmentally friendly. If you’re painting children’s rooms or nurseries, it’s a good idea to opt for Low VOC options.
  • Consider various sheens: Most paint options are available in gloss, and matt finishes. This goes a long way toward creating the best texture for your space. Keep in mind that shinier finishes will highlight every imperfection on rough walls. Aside from always sanding your walls before a paint, choose the right sheen to create a luxurious and stylish finish that will keep its lustre long after the painting is done!
  • Pick favourites over popular options: When choosing a paint colour, always opt for different shades of your favourite choices rather than the current trends. This is because trends come and go, and you may soon get bored with your choice. Rather pick shades that match your décor and personal style to ensure colour creative painting.

Final Thoughts

When evaluating cost-effectiveness, consider not only the price range but also the long-term benefits of durability and ease of maintenance. Both Benjamin Moore and Nippon Paint offer solutions that balance quality, health, and environmental impact, ensuring that your painting project contributes to a safer, more sustainable world.

Fortunately, both Nippon and Benjamin Moore products will provide you with anti-mould and low-toxicity properties. Quick drying properties offered by both brands will ensure your painting process doesn’t take longer than you anticipated!

Select Nippon Paint if you need:

  • Easy application that’s simple to clean afterward.
  • Protection against bacteria, viruses and mosquitoes.
  • A paint that’s excellent for outdoors, indoors, ceilings, metal and wood.
  • Paint products available at a fair price.

Select Benjamin Moore if you need:

  • A wider variety of colours.
  • Extensive gloss paint options.
  • Uniquely textured wall paints to create signature walls.
  • Quality paints for interior and exterior walls.

In addition to superior paint products, it’s essential to use painting contractors with sufficient experience in office and house painting. Fortunately, our experts from PaintingGuy not only offer exceptional service but also make use of Nippon, Dulux, and Gush paint brands to provide a great painting service!

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