5 Recommended Ceiling Paints for Painting Your Singapore Home

Painting your home is an excellent way to give your space a fresh, new look. In addition to deciding what colour and type of wall paint to use, it’s equally crucial to find the right ceiling paint. Is there a difference between wall and ceiling paint? What are the best ceiling paints available in Singapore? Keep reading to find out.

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What is Ceiling Paint?

If you’ve ever done any painting in your home, then you know that the wrong type of paint can create a huge mess with drippings all over the place. This mess will most certainly be doubled if you use the wrong paint on the ceiling. What is the reason for this?

Ceiling paint is distinctively formulated to be thicker than wall paint, minimises drippage during the application thanks to its enhanced viscosity from high-quality latex ingredients. This robust formulation not only facilitates a smoother application process but also ensures superior coverage, effectively concealing stains and imperfections caused by moisture. Notably, modern ceiling paints prioritise indoor air quality, incorporating low VOC levels and non-toxic ingredients to safeguard the health of occupants.

Additionally, eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient manufacturing processes reflect a commitment to environmental sustainability, while the paint’s durability and longevity reduce the need for frequent touch-ups. For optimal results, specific application techniques are recommended to achieve even coverage, enhancing the aesthetic and functional benefits of the paint.

List of The Best Ceiling Paint Available in Singapore

Within the basic ceiling paint category, you’ll find a wide variety of options. A few of the top brands and options we recommend are highlighted below.

1) Nippon Matex

Many professional painters, including the experts at The Painting Guy, prefer the benefits of Nippon paint. A few of the top features that make this option a firm favourite include the following:

nippon matex paint
  • Multi-purpose acrylic copolymer emulsion.
  • Strong anti-mould ceiling properties.
  • Offers excellent coverage for most internal masonry surfaces such as plastered walls, concrete, soft boards, wood, and ceilings.
  • Odour-less anti-mould ceiling white has excellent stain resistance.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Nippon paint odour-less options make application quick and easy.
  • An established brand that offers a variety of quality paints and accessories.

2) Odourless Anti-Mould Ceiling White

Fewer things brighten up a room quite like a freshly painted room with a crisp white ceiling. One of the best ways to achieve this look is to opt for Odourless Anti-Mould Ceiling White from Nippon.

nippon paint anti mould ceiling white

As an environmentally favourable green product, this paint also boasts a few stellar features.

  • Anti-mould properties with broad spectrum protection against most species of mould.
  • Excellent stain resistance is excellent for covering mould stains.
  • Virtually no paint odour, making it ideal if you are sensitive to paint odours.
  • Easy to apply and touch up when needed, simply dust the space, and apply a new coat with an extension pole.
  • Resistance to blistering and peeling.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Excellent coverage and hiding power.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Excellent flow and levelling, no risk of dripping all over the floor.
  • Fast-drying.
  • No lead or mercury-added makes it safe for any space.
  • Matt finish.
  • Suitable for use in all damp areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and around air conditioners.

3) Raffles Paint – R.Antimould

If you need to paint the ceiling of a space that often gets damp or has a high level of moisture exposure, you’ll obviously want durable paint. Fortunately, Raffles Paint R.Antimould has been specially formulated for damp areas.

raffles-paint –r.antimould

Some of the standout features include:

  • Environmentally favourable green product.
  • Ideal for damp areas such as kitchens and bathrooms that are prone to mould.
  • Engineered to provide long-lasting protection against bacteria.
  • Anti-moulding ceiling white colour to brighten the space.
  • Anti-damp properties make it ideal for air conditioners.
  • Low splattering with excellent adhesion.
  • 3 years warranty against paint peel and flake
  • Superb alkaline and efflorescence resistance.
  • Excellent colour retention and fade resistance.

4) Dulux Mouldguard Mould Prevention For Interior Ceilings

Dulux Mouldguard is another top choice if you’re looking for an interior ceiling paint that has odourless anti-mould properties and provides a smooth matt finish.

dulux mouldguard mould prevention for interior ceilings

Several of the top features of this popular ceiling paint include the following:

  • Suitable for all normal interior masonries surfaces such as plaster, brickwork, cement, and soft boards.
  • Superior quality with durable emulsion.
  • The ideal choice for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and any other ceiling spaces where a mould-free finish is desired.
  • Easy to apply—simply remove dust from the ceiling and apply using an extension pole.

5) Berger Royal Emulsion

The Berger Royal Emulsion paint is a modified hybrid copolymer-based emulsion ideal for use on interior walls and ceilings.

berger royal emulsion paint

The features that make this paint worth considering for your ceiling painting include the following:

  • Good hiding power.
  • Economical price range makes it affordable enough to use in your whole home.
  • Excellent flow and levelling properties.
  • Smooth finish.
  • Drip and splatter resistant.
  • Low odour makes it ideal for use in any space.
  • Specifically designed for use on walls and ceilings.
  • Matt finish that requires a second coat.


When looking for paint for the ceiling, it’s ideal to use the right paint that features low odour, good hiding power, and leaves you with little to no moulding. With the different brands and options we’ve highlighted in this post, you’ll have no trouble finding the right type of ceiling paint for your home! Alternatively, you can always rely on the expert team at the Painting Guy for the right recommendation.

Important Note: At PaintingGuy, we use Nippon Paint and Gush Paint for all our clients.

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