Nippon Easy Wash vs Odourless: What's the Difference?

Nippon Easy Wash Paint is designed for high-traffic areas prone to stains and dirt, offering excellent washability and stain resistance. On the other hand, Nippon Odourless Paint focuses on anti-bacterial properties and low VOC levels, making it suitable for environments where odour and bacteria control are priorities.

In this article, we’re going to discuss two of the more popular paints used by families, and compare the two: Nippon Easy Wash paint, and Nippon Odourless paint. We’ll also give you a rundown on which is best to use for what function. We do feel Odourless All-in-One is the winner overall.

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Nippon Paint History

Nippon Paint is a Japanese company, and the fourth largest paint manufacturer in the world. It was set up in 1881 in Japan, and opened a shop in Singapore in the 1950s. In 1965, a factory was set up to manufacture the paint in this country, and it has grown significantly since then.

What is Nippon Easy Wash Paint?

Nippon Easy Wash Paint is a paint designed for high-traffic areas that get dirty easily. It has the ability to hide stains, and gives you good coverage. The paint is resistant to fading and chalking, and gives you the ability to wash the wall very easily and simply. It’s also water-resistant and non-toxic.

This is an acrylic paint, and gives both a lovely sheen once dry, lasting a long time. You can also be sure that it’s anti-fungus and mould-resistant.

Nippon Easy Wash, like all other Nippon paints, offers over 2,300 colours to choose from. You can not only choose which colour, but the shade or hue of that colour, ensuring it suits your home.

Nippon Easy Wash Paint

Pros and Cons of Nippon Easy Wash Paint



What is Nippon Odourless Paint?

Nippon Paint Odourless-All-in-1

Nippon Odourless paint is formulated with almost no VOCs. This means that not only is it virtually odourless on application, but won’t give off harmful chemicals into the environment during its lifespan. Therefore, it’s eco-sensitive, and can be used in areas with heavy traffic where people might be vulnerable to smells, such as hospitals, care homes, family homes, and apartment blocks.

Odourless paint comes in several formats, two of which we’ll compare in this document: All-in-One and Easy Wash.

The product is free from lead, mercury, ammonia and heavy metals, and is resistant to fungus. Colours are long-lasting, and the paint spreads in a splatter-free way. It’s anti-fugus and mould-resistant, as well as being antibacterial. You’ll see it also works well to cover hairline cracks. Note:

  • The All-in-One is a paint that comes in a matte finish.
  • The Odourless Easy Wash comes in a sheen finish, and is both resistant to stains and can easily be washed.

As with all Nippon paints, you can select from 2338 different colours and hues. It’s overwhelming at first but to great benefit for interior design purposes.

Pros and Cons of Nippon Easy Wash Paint



Easy Wash

Easy Wash is a great paint to use to cover areas a lot of activity and traffic, such as passageways. It’s a great paint for walls where you know there’s a chance that children could mess, as it’s cleaned with a quick wipe. This one is not as expensive as the Odourless paint. It flows very well, fills in gaps and is also fast-drying. So, for those who have small children running around, you won’t have too long to worry about them getting paint all over them.

Its great advantage is that it’s less expensive than the other two. So, if you’re not looking for odourless paint, then this is the way to go on a limited budget.


The Odourless paints are more expensive due to their low VOC technology. However, if you have children with any kind of breathing-related health problems, or you just want to make sure your children’s health is prioritised, then you may want to consider this more expensive option.

It may not be as resistant to peeling and flaking, but it has all the other great features that the Easy Wash has: the durability of the colours plus the resistance to fungus and mould. The All-in-One isn’t simple to wash due to its matte finish, but it’s still washable.

Use this if you are sensitive to paint odours.

Odourless paints are far more eco-friendly than other paints. They don’t use an oil base, so you can break down the paint with water, which you can’t do with oil. Furthermore, they contain less VOCs, which are harmful chemicals found in many other paints.

Easy Wash is resistant to stains, dust and water. You can just wipe off any marks with a cloth, because the paint contains a Teflon protector. That technology is able to withstand any particle and increase the paint’s durability.

Odourless Premium all-in-1 in the best Nippon paint available. This is a superior interior emulsion paint. It is not only virtually odourless, because of its low VOCs but also has all the properties you could want:

  • Washability
  • Coverage of hairline cracks
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-fungus and anti-mould

Summing It Up

Nippon paints are high-quality paints and come in an extensive array of durable colours. The difficulty is selecting between excellence and even more excellence.

Use Easy Wash if:

  • You have to cover a large area and don’t quite have the budget for slightly more expensive paint.
  • There’s time to allow the paint smell to diminish before using that space.
  • It’s really good in high-traffic areas of homes, care environments and schools because it can be washed with ease.
  • When you need something that’s resistant to peeling and blistering.

Use Odourless All in 1 if:

  • You want low VOCs in your environment, or if anyone is sensitive to paint smells.
  • You can get the Easy Wash version or the All-in-One. If you pick Odourless Easy Wash, you can wash your walls easily and have low VOCs, and with the All-in-One, you can be sure to have a classy matte look to your walls.

This may be slightly more expensive, but it gives you a significant advantage in your green credentials.

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With many varieties to choose from, Nippon Paint has multiple positive aspects in comparison to some other paints. You want to have a good-looking interior, but you also have other requirements. Perhaps you have kids with allergies or asthma, so you wouldn’t want smells to linger. Or you may wish to clean your walls easily once children with dirty hands have passed through the rooms.


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