Nippon Vinilex Vs Odourless: Which is Suitable for Painting Your House?

If you’re planning to paint your home, then you obviously want the same quality paint used by many painting services around Singapore. That’s how you get the long-lasting results that are also aesthetically pleasing. Two quality paints to consider are without a doubt Nippon Vinilex and Nippon Odourless.

Since both these paints are from the Nippon range, what are the differences between Nippon Vinilex and Nippon Odourless? Is one better suited to painting the entire house? What features set them apart? Read on to find out.

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What is Nippon Vinilex 5000 Paint?

Nippon Vinilex 5000 is a premium water-based acrylic emulsion paint specifically designed for interior walls. (Although on the Nippon Paint website, it’s categorised as ceiling paint, painters will still use it on walls whenever clients request.) Its stellar features include durability, low VOC and easy wash, making it the perfect paint for kitchen walls and dining room areas. There are also an impressive range of 1000+ colours to choose from!


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What is Nippon Odourless Paint (Series)?

The Nippon Odourless Paint Series is an environmentally friendly, green interior emulsion acrylic-based paint. Designed with near-zero VOCs and toxin-free resin, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the more common paint products in the retail market. As a popular anti-bacterial paint, it’s ideal for residential buildings.

With over 2,300 colours (2,338 colours at time of writing) in the Nippon range, it’s a firm favourite used by professional painting services. It’s easy to find a hue that matches décor and can help you create a mood in a room.

Furthermore, there are four different types of odourless paint series within the Nippon Paint range. These are listed as:

  • Odour-less easy wash: The Nippon paint easy wash is excellent for interior wall surfaces as it boasts a stain resistance formula that’s 2 times easier to clean than other Nippon paints. Superior coverage creates excellent hiding power, creating an elegant and soft sheen finish. This paint is ideal for a home with little children who frequently touch walls and surfaces.
  • Odour-less medifresh: With no paint odour and super anti-bacterial properties, this paint is excellent for children’s rooms and nurseries. Additionally, this paint also boasts air-purifying properties as well as being fungus and mould resistant. Painting your new nursery has never been easier!
  • Odour-less anti-mould-ceiling-white: The odour-less anti-mould ceiling white colour paint features a wide spectrum of protection against most species of mould. Not only is this paint water resistant, but it’s also excellent for ensuring that there’s no bacteria, fungus or mould growth on the walls. Other impressive features include minimal roller splatter and excellent flow and levelling. Use in conjunction with Nippon Water-based paints for floors to ensure minimal mess.

We will be using Nippon Odour-Less All in One paint as the paint to compare with Nippon Vinilex 5000 paint. nippon odour-less all in one paint

Pros and Cons of Nippon Odour-less-All-In-1



Nippon Vinilex Vs Nippon Odour-Less All In 1

It’s always very helpful to compare options when you’re shortlisting potential paint choices. The key features and differences between these two Nippon paints are highlighted in this handy table.

Key FeaturesNippon Vinilex 5000Nippon Odour-Less All in 1
TypeModified acrylic polymer emulsionModified acrylic polymer emulsion
Uses– Interior and exterior plastered walls
– Brickwork
– Primed metal surface
– Fiberboards
– Primed timber
– Gypsum
– Plastered walls
– Fibre boards
– Cement
– Ideal for use on residential buildings
Top Features– Low VOC
– Low odour
– Non-toxic
– Environmentally friendly
– Splatter resistant
– Mould & fungus-resistant
– Easy application and touch up
– Excellent flow
– Low odour
– Anti-bacterial properties
– Splatter resistant
– Matte finish
– Low paint odour
– Excellent coverage
– Mould and fungus resistant
– Ammonia-free
Application methodSpray, brush or rollerRoller or brush
Drying time– Touch dry: +/- 30 minutes at 30°C
– Hard dry: 2 hours at 30°C
– Surface dry: 30 minutes at 30°C
– Hard dry: 2 hours at 30°C
Dilution requiredNoNo
Colour optionsExtensive range of bright and pastel coloursHuge range of colours
Shelf lifeUp to 24 months in an air-tight containerUp to 24 months in an air-tight container
Package sizes5L and 20L1L and 5L
Easy to cleanYes, easy to clean walls as well as materials used to apply paint. Yes, easy to clean walls as well as materials used to apply paint.

Summing It Up

Nippon Paint Singapore has always provided quality paint. Which Nippon paint products you choose depends on what you’re looking for. Fortunately, since Nippon is regarded as a superior paint, you won’t be disappointed with either of these products. To help you choose the right paint, consider our top reasons for each paint below.

Use Nippon Paint Vinilex 5000 if:

  • You’re looking for an affordable paint.
  • You need a paint with top hiding abilities.

Use Nippon Odourless if:

  • You want a better quality paint.
  • A low sheen finish (such as offered by Odourless Easy Wash) is preferred.
  • You’re looking for an antibacterial paint to reduce fungus.
  • Options such as stain resistance and durable paints appeal to you.
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