Nippon Vinilex 5000 Vs Easy Wash: Which is Better for Painting Your House?

Choosing the ideal paint is paramount for the lasting appearance of your home. Just like you need the most suitable paint on your outdoor living spaces to withstand the elements, you need the best paint for the inside of your home.

So, is it time for an interior makeover? Do you want your home to have a fresh paint and more contemporary look? Then consider two of our specialty paints from the Nippon Paint Singapore paint range  – Nippon Vinilex 5000 and Nippon EasyWash.

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What is Nippon Vinilex 5000 Paint?

Vinilex 5000 is an interior paint specifically designed for longevity. It is a low-odour emulsion, created to last and protect all your interior wall surfaces.

This paint is also a premium low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) – in other words, compounds that have a high vapour pressure at room temperature and which have low water solubility.

Due to this feature, Vinilex 5000 is durable, which makes it perfect for your:

  • Dining room
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry room

The above rooms are prone to high volumes of water vapour due to steam, or general mess such as food spills or grease. Luckily, this finish is one of the best anti-bacterial paints to choose from for your entire house.

Available Nippon Vinilex 5000 Colour Chart

Nippon Vinilex 5000 is available in an array of colour groups, ranging over 1000 specific hues! There’s a great variety of light colours that will suit your whole interior, as well as darker shades to complement them. Finding your ideal look is easy to do within this broad range of low sheen finishes.

nippon paint vinilex 5000 colours chart 1
nippon paint vinilex 5000 colours chart 2

Some of the more popular Vinilex 5000 colours include:

  • Shades of white such as Apple White, Lily White and Snow Flakes
  • Grey blends such as Blueball White, Cloud Formation, Grey Ashes, Grey Cotton and Light Pewter
  • Earthy colours such as Nature Walk, Oyster Grey and Tavern Buff
  • Pastel colours such as Lush, Sea Breeze, Special Touch, Swansdown, Velvet Touch and Winning Streak

Pros and Cons of Nippon Vinilex 5000 Paint



What is Nippon EasyWash Paint?

Nippon Easy Wash is an interior paint with acrylic emulsion coating, meaning it’s a water-based paint but water-resistant once dried. It contains no lead or mercury, giving it a smooth and elegant matte finish for interior walls.

It is specifically formulated to be a VOC and is free of alkyds, a chemical binder found in most commercial coatings.

Available Nippon Easy Wash Colour Chart

Nippon EasyWash is available in an extensive range of darker shades that can set the tone for your indoor environment. There are colours that are easy on the eye, making it an ideal backdrop to your interior furnishings and decor.

nippon paint easy wash colour selection-1
nippon paint easy wash colour selection 2

Some of the top EasyWash colours include:

  • Darker earthy colours such as Morsels, Turned Earth and Torrents
  • Warm shades such as Orange Bedder, Fire Princess, Exotic Boom and Pioneer Red
  • Dark pastel tones such as Silhouette Grey, Bassinet Blue and Neptune

Pros and Cons of Nippon Easy Wash Paint



Nippon Vinilex 5000 vs Nippon Paint EasyWash

When you’re deciding which is the right paint for your home, particularly for a brick wall, a quick comparison can help.

Key Features

Nippon Vinilex 5000

Nippon EasyWash


Low odour modified emulsion paintPremium acrylic washable paint


Wide range of lighter and brighter coloursWide range of darker shades of different colour groups


Smooth mattMatt


– Interior walls
– Interior ceilings
– Concrete
– Wood
– Plastered walls
– Primed metal
– Brickwork
– Fiberboards

Top features

– Good coverage
– Superior hiding power
– Anti-algae properties
– Easy wash
– Low odour
– Low VOC
– Splatter resistance
– Non-toxic
– Fungus & mould resistant
– Environmentally friendly

Application method

Spray, roller or brushRoller or brush

Choosing paint for your home is often fun but still challenging, especially from Nippon’s huge range. However, we feel Nippon Vinilex 5000 may be winning due to its versatility and durability on almost all interior surfaces.


Being washable is not one of the stand-out features of this Nippon paint. Other Nippon brands  – such as All-In-One and EasyWash  – however are washable.

Yes, this Nippon paint is specifically designed to be anti-fungus and mould resistant.

No, none of Nippon’s water-based paints contain lead, especially the paints that are catered for the retail market.

Summing It Up

Use Nippon Vinilex 5000 paint if:

  • You’re looking for a practical and elegant interior wall finish
  • You don’t want fungus or mould to grow on your walls
  • You’d prefer a smooth matte finish with easy application, that has great coverage

If sophistication and practicality are your goals for your interior walls, then Vinilex 5000 is the way to go!

Use Nippon EasyWash paint if:

  • You’re starting a family and know your children may draw on the walls
  • A durable and safe paint with lasting colour schemes is preferable
  • You want paint that is resistant to stains

Since this paint is easy to wash, you can live happily knowing your kids or pets won’t damage your walls. This makes it the ideal paint for family environments.

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