Condo Painting Services in Singapore


Give Your Condo a Fresh New Paint Today!

A professional paint makeover is what you need for your condominium to look bright and having a heart-warming feel. We are reliable painting contractors who get the job done with excellentand speedy work.

You can rest assured that your furniture will be protected during the process, and they will be shifted back after.

Use reputable paint for long lasting effect on your home.

Paint Brands

We use the following brands for painting our client’s home

Colours to Choose

Singaporeans’ preferred wall colours.

We use Nippon paint for all our clients. Some of them may have a preferred brand, and we will paint it according to what they requested.

Note: The above colours are in their ‘Colour Family’ types. There are many different colours to choose from for your wall. 

How It Works


Site Inspection

Our contractor will visit your home and do a quick inspection.


Set Painting Date

Choose dates that both the owner and contractor are available


Choose Paint

Owner will choose the type and colour of the paint you prefer.


Commencing Day

Shift and protect furniture and floor



Reinstating of furniture after painting


Handing Over

Contractor will hand over to owner the completed painting work.

Here’s the rough pricing for condo for different types of paint

Condo Size in Sq Feet No of Colour(s) Price Completion Oil Sealer for wall & ceiling
< 500 SqFt 1 $700 1 - 2 Days $200
501 - 900 SqFt Up to 2 $900 2 - 3 Days $300
901 - 1100 SqFt Up to 3 $1200 2 - 3 Days $350
1101 - 1300 SqFt Up to 3 $1200 3 - 4 Days $450
1301 - 1400 SqFt Up to 3 $1400 - $1550 3 - 4 Days $500
1401 - 1600 SqFt Up to 4 $1800 - $2000 4 – 5 Days $650

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