Tips for Hiring a Painting Contractor


Painting your own HDB, or condo seems less daunting than doing construction. Not a lot of people in Singapore are eager to take up a paintbrush. But there are some who are willing, and saving money is part of that motivation. However, most times it means we spend more on a DIY do over. There’s hope in the form of engaging a painting contractor, and here we’ll show you how to choose the best one for you.

Every house has its own dynamic. A 4-room HDB differs from a bungalow. The steps below will help you hire a painting contractor with great success.

Getting the Right Painter; How Do You Know?

We mention here social proof on social media as the best way to find out what a company is like. There’s great value in asking friends and family. Most people that own a landed property will get their house painted at least 10 times in the time they live there if they live there for decades.

Even if they’ve only had the interior done, they’ll be able to recommend someone or at least tell you who not to go with if they had a negative experience. 

Check the agency where they report businesses for good and for bad.  Look up painting services in Singapore. See if they’ve had any complaints or any praises or both. This will save you from getting an amateur in your house that may cause a nightmare.

Protect yourself and your condo or HDB from fraud and security risks:

There are a lot of contractors out there that will pursue you and leave a card or flyer on your door. There are honest guys and not so honest guys. As with any construction or renovation work, they’ll be a host of both. Protect yourself from people with no license or that don’t have the skills to serve you. 

Know who will do the work: If you choose a contractor off the street that approached your home make sure they’re a real company with employees. Some people paint houses as a side hustle. This is a risk. Though we see nothing wrong with day labor personnel making an honest living, we know that it’s not that safe to have contractors paint your home. 

What does this mean? It means that the primary business owner will try to save money by hiring people that have no personal investment in their company. It’s a gamble which means you can’t be sure of the quality of the work. You’ll open yourself up to other issues as well such as security because there’s no guarantee that the owner background checks the workers.

Know your budget: Before you hire a paint contractor Singapore, make sure you know what you can afford. There are quality, professional painting companies that offer services at a variety of price points. Make sure they’re communicative and are open to coming to your house to provide a written estimate. 

Shop around: Do the homework necessary to get the painter that suits your needs and budget. Ask for several estimates and take the time to compare them. Don’t feel pressured to hire anyone too quickly even if they’ve offered a deep discount.

Don’t feel pressured:  If they want your business they’ll wait and even follow up with you. They’ll understand that you need time to look for quality. If you have issues with them showing up on the day and you have no other choice, make sure they give it all to you in writing on the spot.

Look for quality: Go to their website and social media. Vet them in every way possible. Testimonials are good but real social proof where you can message the customer and ask them questions about the service they received is a better way.

What’s Included?: This is important. You don’t want to pay for paint that wasn’t included. Seems like common-sense but never assume you’re on the same page until it’s in black and white.

What can you expect?

1. Once you’ve chosen a painting contractor for your landed home, make sure you’re clear on what to expect from start to finish.

2. Do you have to make arrangements to leave the home while they work on the job?

3. How long do you expect it to take?

4. Paint type and how many coats will it take per room? You may want to know this if you have a wallpaper or a hard colour to cover. You don’t want to have bleed through.

5. How will they protect your furnishings?

6. What method do they use for trim and molding?

7. Do they have insurance? This is an overlooked one. If you live in a place that allows companies to have liability insurance this helps in case there’s any damage.

How do they calculate the total cost of the job?

You’ll want no surprises in the end. Sometimes you receive an estimate and get a shock laced with extra costs. They’ll always have a canned explanation for things that you weren’t told.

So what does that look like?

It’s good to ask them how they determine the final costs. This is important especially when you can’t get them to show up to do an estimate. For whatever reason, this can often be the case so you’ll want to know their formula for concluding the final cost. 

Some painting companies will calculate by square footage. Are they calculating primer cost and their time? You’ll find that the answer is yes but they may not feel obligated to itemise the cost.

You have the right to refuse any work that is not itemised. Telling them that you won’t pay for surprises is perfectly within your rights. Tell them that you are to call you if any of the work is changed or will cost beyond what was estimated. 

All the steps here are simple and common sense but often times overlooked. With these you should have as seamless time getting your house painted. 


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